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  • For PVC and Aluminium profile cutting
  • Automatic tilting of head angles for 45o & 90o
  • Intermediate angles between 45 & 90 degrees can be set manually
  • Cutting length can be adjusted by moving the head manually
  • Scale measurement for length adjustments
  • Single & both head operaion possible
  • Additional conveyor support in the movable head for holding profiles
  • Two hand operation for cutting
  • Saw blade diameter 450mm so can cut two 62mm profiles together
  • Horizontal & Vertical clamp support for high accuracy cutting
  • Safety guards in both heads for operator safety
  • Cutting speed can be adjusted


  • Hydropneumatic system for Aluminium profiles
  • Cooling system for Aluminium cutting
  • Cutting length can be extended to 4 meters

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications:

  • Power 400V 3PH 50Hz
  • Saw motor speed 2800 rpm
  • Power 3 KW/4.5Hp
  • Saw blade OD 450mm
  • Maximum cutting width 135mm
  • Maximum cutting length 3500mm
  • Minimum cutting length 450mm
  • Air pressure 6 bar
  • Air consumption 50 lt/min
  • Machine height 1800mm
  • Machine width 1200mm
  • Machine length 4100mm
  • Machine weight 800 kg


Technical Specifications

Aluminium Semi Automatic Double Head Cutting Machine