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Designed to clean the corners of PVC profiles from welding seals.

  • Used to clean the welded corners of PVC windows
  • CNC control system (2 axis)
  • Corner cleaning time 15-25 sec. depending on profile type
  • Movable 8.4” touch screen panel
  • Easy system for profile setup and programming
  • High cleaning performance with tools operated by servo control
  • High and standard quality in each profile surface with 9 cleaning tools
  • Up & bottom gasket hole drills
  • Up & bottom inner corner cleaning system (special patented design)
  • Up & bottom color – white surface cleaning blade system
  • Separate blades for white and laminated profiles
  • Adjustment of operating speeds to the desired speeds
  • Wide stand with brushes provides easy operation and protects profile surface from scratches
  • 500 profile memory capacity
  • Multi language support
  • Shift processing capacity: 190 – 200 items / 8 hours

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications