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Semi Automatic End Milling Machine

Milling the end tips of the profiles that will be joined with the sides of other profiles to form a multiple segmented window frame

General Specifications:

  • Manual milling operation
  • Includes a swift and easily changable blade holding system is used in the machine so that many kinds of profiles can be operated without losing time on the procedure of changing the blades each time a profile changes.
  • A revolving adjustment valve to make settings ready for 4 different kinds of profiles at once
  • Milling speed adjustment is located on the panel for ease of use
  • Ability to operate on different angle profiles
  • Pneumatic clamping system
  • Reinforced motor shaft
  • A special operation table preventing the profile to slip or get misplaced
  • Miter for placing profiles sideways
  • Stronger profile position fixing with a special indent in the side profile placing block
  • Support arm for long profiles
  • 2 blade sets are standardly included
  • Includes blade storing compartment
  • All precautions taken against work accidents
  • Power unit is protected against voltage overload

Technical Specifications


  • Coolling syestem for aluminium profiles


Technical Specifications

Semi Automatic End Milling Machine