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Two head welding machine for pvc window

Main features:

  • The window machine is used for PVC door-window welding.
  • PLC controls the welding action program, high reliability.
  • Machine heads can work separately or jointly.
  • Free angle welding of right machine head.
  • Parameters can be set to meet various profiles' processing requirements.
  • High welding precision.
  • Imported PLC and other main electric components.
  • One of the heads can weld various angles, which can meet the customers need of welding an arc and other special-shaped windows.
  • Good welding corner appearance.

Technical Specifications

Technical Parameters:

  • Model - WDS6VL
  • Power voltage - 380V 50HZ or customer specifications
  • Input power - 3.5KW
  • Air pressure - 0.4~0.6MPa
  • Air consumption - 150L/min
  • Welding range - 400mm-3500mm
  • Welding profile height - 20mm~100mm/120mm/140mm
  • Welding profile width - 0-120mm
  • Welding angle range - 30°~180°(max welding joints size 90mm)
  • Overall dimension - 4400mm×1100mm×1700mm
  • Weight - 1500kg


Technical Specifications

Two head welding machine for pvc window